Art Dealing

Sales to private individuals - Responding to individual client needs on an item-by-item basis -

When selling to private individuals, we introduce valuable works of art corresponding to the needs of clients who wish to make a purchase. Drawing on our professional expertise in determining the value of art works, we consistently monitor market trends by item and make purchases and sales at appropriate times.
Monitoring prices on a real-time basis enables us to respond appropriately to individual client needs, while at the same time maximizing the asset value of the artwork in question.
In addition, we also provide value-added services together with the SBI Group, including the reorganization of artwork assets in the case of a repurchase or sale and the conversion of such assets into other financial products, as well as acting as a proxy at auctions. Our international team of employees have expertise in a broad range of languages to identify the right market at the right time anywhere in the world and discuss relevant information with clients.

Face-to-face marketing - Offering clients all over Japan ever better works of art -

In the area of face-to-face marketing, SBI artfolio collaborates with department stores and shopping malls that have established a trusted and central presence in commercial districts to enjoy a stable clientele base, in order to hold a range of art exhibitions, including group, individual, and general exhibitions. Through these exhibitions we aim to explore and develop the potential of budding artists and further enhance the value of their art works in order to provide increasing numbers of people opportunities to experience true art forms and enjoy their meticulous craftsmanship. Personal tastes and preferences with regard to art also vary by region and store. To enhance customer appreciation of art, we organize exhibitions designed to meet the needs of the particular region or store based on our expert know-how in the field.

In order to respond suitably to the artistic tastes of people in different regions across Japan, we strive to constantly improve the quality of art works on display by holding exhibitions at department stores.
  • Planning cultural events and art exhibitions featuring works by Japanese and foreign artists
  • Planning events ranging from exhibitions by individual artists to general art exhibitions in collaboration with various department stores
  • Store operation at the shopping mall LaLaport Toyosu

    (For details please visit the Disney Fine Art business page.)

Disney Fine Art

Tie-up department stores and shopping malls

AEON Iwataya Izutsuya Daiwa Tenmaya LaLaport

Online marketing - An impressive number of art works and attractive deals available online -

In the past, people have tended to shy away from purchasing art works due to ambiguous pricing standards. In our online marketing business, we ensure that everyone has access to all information posted online and have established a fair market environment with simplified distribution channels to offer potential customers valuable pieces of art at reasonable prices. Furthermore, the art works we deal with are not limited to a specific art form. We survey global markets and purchase art objects from across a wide range of genres. By utilizing the internet for interactive and instantaneous communication of information that transcends borders and by employing multimedia applications, we hope to facilitate purchases of a varied range of art works, thus contributing to revitalizing and expanding the market for art. SBI artfolio considers this an important responsibility and is committed to actively pursuing operations in the online marketing business.

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